There are few industries that can claim a history of innovation that is as dynamic and long-standing as the auto industry.  From fundamentally transforming the way we live, work, and play more than a century ago to today’s dramatic advances in safety, efficiency, and autonomy, automotive companies have had to sustain a culture of experimentation, creativity, and operational excellence as few others have.

In addition to developing automobiles that consumers love, at prices they can afford, and that generate required margins, auto manufacturers and suppliers have to do this nearly error free.  Minor supply chain delays, relatively inconsequential customer data breaches, or slightly mis-engineered part specifications and associated product recalls can all lead to enormous remedy costs and loss to reputation.  Risk managers are tasked with protecting perfection in chaos.

Protecdiv can help you satisfy the dual goals of innovation and protection.  We can advise you on insurance solutions that help foster a culture of risk taking by knowing that you’ve put a sturdy safety net in place.  We’ll work with you to put risk transfer structures in place that acknowledge your need to experiment as well as you need to have near-perfect logistics.  And our claims collecting proficiency helps ensures that you don’t have production downtime due to waiting on insurance funds.

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