What do you call a system that ingests an incredible amount of data, develops trained assumptions about data elements that don’t exist, makes that data useful enough to power complex decision making, and does so efficiently enough to make those decisions in real time?  Today, we’d use words like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and neural networks.  But for hundreds of years, we’ve called it insurance.

Insurance powers all aspects of our economy.  It allows our local governments to confidently budget.  It gives our manufacturers the visibility they need to make commitments well in advance of production.  It delivers needed capital to our banks.  It allows new companies to be born and older ones to be re-born.  Without insurance, we would all be a stroke of bad luck from ruin.

Providing this power, and this safety net, requires incredible coordination.  It requires training clever underwriters and focused claims specialists.  It requires enabling your teams with cutting-edge data analytics.  It requires securing the optimal capital support.  And it requires doing all this while navigating the maze of rating agencies and regulators.

Protecdiv can help you manage the risks of that coordination.  We can provide new data insights that help you drive efficiencies in underwriting and claims.  We can develop innovative reinsurance structures to more efficiently transfer risk.  Our team can deliver global market access to most effectively match your risk appetite to your natural partners.  And we can deliver diverse perspectives that create new opportunities for your

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