Mortgage default and foreclosure risk is shared by several parties across a complex supply chain.  Most importantly, the borrower risks losing their home in a default event.  And the borrower’s partners – the originator, the servicer, the mortgage insurer, the government sponsored enterprise, the reinsurers, and others – all share in the financial risk of that default event.  In normal times, the partners’ risk is reasonably contained.  In abnormal times, their risk can be catastrophic.

Protecdiv can help those partners limit their risk in normal and abnormal times by structuring and placing efficient reinsurance programs.  These programs, supported by robust analytics and market intelligence, can help deliver efficient solutions for GSEs, HFAs, and other government related entities, mortgage insurers, reinsurers, and other mortgage risk holders.  Our solutions are capital efficient and backed by the world’s highly rated reinsurance market participants.

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