Insurance is one of the great levelers of opportunity.  When people have the right insurances in place for their homes and businesses, they can focus their attentions on making our economy and communities more productive and just.  Unfortunately, many of those most in need of this leveler have had the least access to it.  These include lower income communities, Black, Indigenous, and other communities of color, and communities lying in the paths of regular natural catastrophes.

Fortunately, the insurance industry has begun to focus more keenly on reducing the coverage gap for these communities.  Challenges remain, including access to the most effective distribution channels, tweaking underwriting practices to attract more business, providing policy coverage and terms that are desired in these communities, finding those reinsurance partners that share this commitment and will not financially penalize these efforts, and doing all of this profitably.

Protecdiv can help you develop an effective strategy and the right partners to be successful in these efforts.  We can provide insights on goal setting and the metrics needed to track progress.  We can offer detailed thoughts about customer targeting and marketing.  We can introduce partners, including reinsurers, to help you execute your strategy.

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