IT departments work hard to stay on the cutting edge of network security.  They educate employees on best practices for email, passwords, and their devices.  They build robust infrastructure that makes their networks less attractive targets for hackers.  And they invest considerable time and resources into finding and fixing vulnerabilities.  But even with all this effort, for many companies, data breaches will still occur.

You leverage their IT departments’ efforts by implementing comprehensive mitigation strategies.  You help them prevent attacks and detect breaches quickly, and you ensure that they have the financial resource to remedy a breach, fund any losses, withstand any hits to their company’s reputation, and satisfy regulatory fines and consumer lawsuits.

Protecdiv can support your efforts to deliver cyber coverage by helping you develop the right reinsurance partners and risk transfer structures.  We can bring you up-to-the-moment industry trends, the latest data analytics, and the third-party experts to help ensure your insurance offering is value-add to your customers.

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